Simple solutions to complex problems!

2020 has certainly smoothed the way for business and expos to be done distantly. Appreciating this change; Capt SM Halbe, CEO, MASSA & Member – Advisory Board Committee of INMEX SMM INDIA, talks about the future of virtual expositions and his wish list for 2021.

The prevailing wisdom is that future Expos will be a mix of online and physical affairs. How do you see this mix unfolding in the next few years, especially as the pandemic recedes?

The pandemic has certainly shown the way business can be done remotely. Further, it paved the way with ease, for interaction with people and products across the globe. Thus, it was possible for me to attend an event in far-away Germany, from my place of work in Mumbai, India! However, the benefits of a physical meeting, the interaction and knowledge spill-over during such physical meetings cannot be ignored. As they say, there is more business done at a coffee counter, than over a shop counter!

Hybrid events will probably be the way of the future, the mix of the physical and online varying according to needs and circumstances!

What determines for an Expo participant that money spent has been worthwhile?

The biggest takeaways are usually from people or entities offering unique services or products. Simple solutions to complex problems!

What is the shipmanagement industry's wish list for 2021?

•  IMO bearing down on countries for Free movement of seafarers to and from ships. The seafarers and shipowners/operators have suffered enough in 2020.
•  Normalisation of maritime education and training
•  IMO should delay the implementation of new regulations by one year to tide over the loss of time due to the pandemic


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