WISTA International launches its Trade Committee

- Prisilla Nadar

Women's International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) on 29th September launched its Trade Committee in the presence of industry experts from all over the globe. The WISTA International Trade Committee aims to create recommendations and guidelines for trade facilitation worldwide considering the industry experience and expertise of WISTA Members in the shipping, trading, and logistics sectors.

Ms Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, President, WISTA International officially launched the Trade Committee and said, “WISTA is all set to play an essential role in the industry. This launch shows the strength of WISTA, now we will see the work under the committee is done morally and ethically.”

“This committee will not only work for women in shipping but for entire working population of women from any industry,” said Naa Densua Aryeetey, WISTA International Executive Committee Member during her welcome speech. “The committee is for ultimate realization of gender equality and women empowerment,” she added.

While addressing the audience about the purpose of trade committee, Paula Pasten Cavallo, WISTA Chile, & Chair, WISTA International Trade Committee assured that the committee will be the key to future.

The launch was followed by panel discussions on trade facilitation, SMEs, Gender and ESG, moderated by Naa Densua Aryeetey.

Ms Rhodalyn Djanitey, WISTA Ghana spoke on Challenges for SMEs and Gender specific issues where she highlighted the physical and mental harassment at workplace. Role in Trade facilitation and Gender was discussed by Ms Demitta Chiwunde Gyang, AfCFTA Secretariat and work of Trade facilitation for West Africa was highlighted by Ms Christel Laure Beda Annequin, TFWA.

Ms Muriel Maurizzio, WISTA Argentina and Mr Ricardo Sanchez, UN ECLAC briefed the audience about State of the industry and Education and training that is required to create awareness among women about the industry and their rights.


Digitalization is turning the world upside down, without which it is impossible to do anything; our daily life totally depends on digitalization. Likewise how digitalization is impacting SMEs was covered by Ms Sanjam Gupta, WISTA India along with Ms Shubhangi Poddar, WEF who spoke on Digitalization in the current state of the Trade Industry.

Environmental, Social and cooperate governance (ESG) also plays an important part in facilitation of SMEs. Ms Gina Panayiotou, WISTA UK and Mr Tuina de Benito, UNCTAD presented the views on how ESG can facilitate SMEs within the evolving Trade Facilitation arena and Tools and digital platforms from UNCTAD for trade facilitation- ASYCUDA program.

Several ideas, challenges and solutions were also discussed among the panelists. They answered the queries of the audience.

WISTA International had always promoted diversity in the maritime, trading and logistics sectors, empowering women to lead through their unique perspective and competencies, with the conviction that gender diversity is key in providing a sustainable future for the shipping industry internationally.

And with the launch of new trade committee, WISTA has assured to help and promote women from across the sector.


(Courtesy: Marex Media)

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