Seafarers India hosts first ever knowledge and leadership webinar for seafarers

                                                                                                                                                                 - Sriti Devadiga

We all at some points of time have felt need of some support system even though there are many already available still this vacuum has always been felt. For this collated work, Seafarers India hosted its first ever knowledge and leadership-based webinar targeted towards seafarers’ welfare. The webinar was on 24th July and witnessed over 100 participants from various parts of India.

Mentoring the seafarers were Capt Ashok Mahapatra, Former Director, Maritime Safety Division, IMO who explicitly spoke on Navigating a seafaring career from scratch to success along with Mrs HK Joshi, CMD, The Shipping Corporation of India Limited (SCI) who shed light on leadership – a journey and not mere instance.

Speaking on the Seafarers India forum which conceptualised in July 2021, Capt Amresh Jha, Founder, Seafarers India and Director, Kanoo Shipping India shared, “It has been decided that group will take one initiative at a time and need of the hour today for seafarers is vaccinations and mental, physical, emotional wellbeing. Seafarers India group will be focusing in these two areas for next 6 months. By then hopefully Covid situations will also eased out and we can then take up on other agendas. Seafarers India will help building leadership qualities, to lead self and others when needed.”

“This initiative is one of the ways to offer and add value to the existing good system in place and to bring all seafarers community together for helping each other,” said Capt Jha.

“We all have experienced and agree to the fact that seafarers in India are fragmented and there is a strong need to bring all of them together. As the saying goes, together we are great and divided we are no one. Vision of this forum is to make all of us united and to be recognized globally for the uplifting and betterment of seafarers,” he added further.

Guiding the seafarers, Capt Mahapatra shared, “Learn to accept what you can do and pause for some time. Revisit your work again tomorrow with a fresh approach only then you can recognise your mistakes and make your work error free.”

He further opined, “Theory teaches you through the experience of others. Theoretical knowledge can give you a deeper understanding of a concept, but practical knowledge is better because then you actually know how to do things in the real world. Both theoretical knowledge and practical skills are necessary to master a field.”

Speaking on leadership in the maritime field, Mrs Joshi said, “There is a need of emotional and mental strengthening which can be achieved only when we perceive a situation as a challenge and not as a blockage; challenges needs to be overcome. Difficulty doesn’t break us instead it makes us stronger and more resilient. Also, in real life being challenged at times is inevitable but being successful or defeated is optional. Ensure that you don’t limit your challenges instead you challenge your limits and rise and excel.”

She strongly propagated that a leader must always lead, it’s a 24/7 task and not a mere part-time approach. Leadership is a continuously on-going process it’s a journey and not mere instance. Leadership is not a position, it’s an attribute. It’s not a definitive job and thus no pay for being a leader. The pay is for a position but not for leadership.

“A leader is a leader irrespective of his gender. A leader has no gender just goals. The primary goal of a leader is to guide his team. Even after a leader has achieved several instances, several milestones, he can’t stop, because if you stop you cease to be a leader. A leader toils hard. Also, a leader merely alone is futile he is as good as his team. So, there is no point in celebrating a leader alone. A leader who doesn’t celebrate his team is actually not a leader,” she articulated.

Mrs Joshi rightly concluded by saying that "leadership is actually one of the most observed but least phenomenon understood on earth.”

The webinar concluded with Capt Jha presenting the vote of thanks and appreciating the delegates for taking their valuable time and working towards the vision of the group – uniting and helping the seafarers’ community.


(Courtesy: Marex Media)

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