Industry hosts first-of-its kind largest global event on technology in maritime: TIM 2021

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The Naval Connection (TNC), one of the leading maritime service providers, recently hosted the maritime industry’s first-of-its-kind largest global virtual event on technology - Technology In Maritime (TIM) 2021.

The virtual event was spread across 2 days.  Over 3000 people attended the event from various parts of the globe. It formed the right platform to network with business leaders from across the world. Some of maritime industry’s largest technology service providers also set up their 3D booths.

Talking about TNC’s TIM 2021, Capt Shoukat Mukherjee, Founder & CEO, The Naval Connection shared, “TNC’s mission is to build value for the future. This commitment propels us to strategize our efforts into building a community where learning and diversity becomes above all a prime mover. TIM 2021 will provide a platform for all to ideate, share knowledge, discuss and gain insights and prepare for what lies ahead in maritime domain since the industry has been moving exponentially towards technological advancements.”

Exhibition booths of various shipping service providers and maritime stakeholders added value to TIM 2021.

The session was inaugurated by an esteemed panel; Dr Malini Shankar, Vice Chancellor, IMU; Mr Amitabh Kumar, Director General of Shipping; Mr Unmesh Sharma, ADG Civil Defence (Comm), Directorate General Civil Defence Ministry of Home Affairs; Mr Arne Jan Flolo, Royal Norwegian Consulate General and Mr Bart de Jong, Consulate General, Kingdom of the Netherlands.

“The advancement in the Information and communication technology is going to be a game changer for the maritime industry as it will enable more data to be collected, analysed and integrated in the decision-making processes across all levels. This transformation will profoundly impact shipping by creating it into a more integrated and efficient industry,” said Mr Sharma.

He spoke on the government of India’s initiatives to boost the nation’s economy and strategize its progress among the global counterparts. He also shed light on the latest technological advancements with regards to infrastructure undertaken by India in shipping, coastal trade, Information Technology, digitalization, and other areas.

Talking about technological advancements in maritime industry, Dr Shankar opined, “The maritime sector is seeing a rapid evolution in technology. Advances in shipping building, propulsion, smart shipping, big data and analytics, robotics, sensors, and others in conjunction of an increasingly skilled workforce are facing monumental shifts. Lots of fascinating technological advancements are being discussed. The driver for these technologies lies in regulation compliance supported by environmental and commercial necessity which acts as a catalyst to drive towards sustainability.”

On threats and risks of shipping, Mr Bart de Jong shared, “We must not forget that how much ever convenient and economical shipping might be, but it has its share of threats/ risks. If we want to achieve sustainable and future proof maritime transport, we need to invest in shipping which needs to be technology driven.”

The two days witnessed special presentations and talks on how technology will aid in boosting shipping. An array of topics was discussed in areas of risk assessment, autonomous ships, non-conventional propulsion solutions, building remote workforce, remote vessel operation and ship inspection, big data delivery, IoT, embracing digital boost in maritime training and others.

Various speakers from across the world shared their insights on these topics. Some of them were Ms Jillian Jackson, President, The Nautical Institute; Ms Ann Till, Chief Vessel Operator, Ocean Infinity; Mr Sanjeev Vakil, Founder and CEO, HIMT; Mr Kaushik Seal, Market Development Manager, Stormgeo and many others.

An elaborate panel discussion was also organised on Day 2, which focused on embracing digital culture in maritime industry. The panel was moderated by Capt Shiv Halbe, CEO, MASSA and was presented by Capt Rajesh Tandon, President, VShips India; Mr Maneesh Pradhan, MD, Anglo Eastern Ship Management; Capt Sankalp Shukla, Chairman, FOSMA; Capt M Bhasin, Chairman, MASSA and Mr Nakul Malhotra, VP, Open Innovation.

Capt Mukherjee shared his heartfelt gratitude and appreciation towards all supporters, delegates, and presenters. “Without the support and co-operation of each of them, successfully organising, hosting and bringing to you such a grand virtual event would have not been possible,” he added.

The Naval Connection has always been pioneer in conducting skill and leadership courses for seafarers. The TNC’s virtual academy has also trained over 2000 sailors and seafarers over the past 14 months of its inception during the pandemic. They currently have 25 live courses – technical and non-technical for deck, engine and in general. It has established itself as maritime industry’s leading skill development forum. The courses of the virtual academy are designed such that anyone can take any of its courses from anywhere in the world.

TNC is also conducting a dedicated maritime leader survey to leverage decision making in the industry for the stalwarts and top management of maritime domain.

With over 20 years of experience in maritime, TNC exactly knows what works at present and what will work for the future. Through events like TIM 2021, TNC is opening the doors for the maritime domain to see into the future and shape it up.


(Courtesy: Marex Media)

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